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Is this YOU?

You feel tired, maybe even exhausted AND

You feel no one is listening to you because you’re not getting answers

You’ve asked to for blood work, yet you’re told “everything is normal”

You’ve been asking your doctor for over 10 years if it could be anything else that’s causing you to feel tired, only to be told no

You’ve questioned yourself, feeling like it’s all in your head because NO ONE seems to be willing to investigate what is truly going on that leaves you feeling tired

You feel and know in your gut something is being missed in your medical appointments because you’re not getting better

Worst of all, you’ve been prescribed one or all of the following as solutions to your fatigue:

• Anti-depressant (You’re not depressed)

• Sleeping medication (You can sleep just fine)

• Thyroid medication (It’s not working)

It's upsetting! I get it!

I’ve got your back…. You’re not alone!

AND You’re on the right track!!!

Finally there is holistic, comprehensive approach to feeling VIBRANT both inside and out. That’s why I’ve created this Program:

“Energized You” Program ~ a new approach to truly Wholistic Health

including all aspects of you ~ Body, Mind, and Spirit

I completely understand where you’re coming from. I was there once. I felt exhausted and overwhelmed for days. For a short period of time, I blamed it on being in medical school until I realized it was far more serious. For me, it felt like I was living Ground Hog Day over and over again with the suffering of being tired mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Even though I shared how I was feeling with my friends and family, they simply didn’t get it. At one point, I had a friend get angry with me because I hadn’t called her in a number of days. Frankly, I barely had enough energy to get to school, which was 40 minutes away, let alone listen to someone share their life’s problems and not get the same understanding in return. At that point, I was too tired to even feel guilty. However, I did feel stressed with the ever-increasing list of “things to do”.

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Let me share a little about what you may be experiencing….

Again today, you have to face the guilt and shame of the dreaded list of “things to do” that keeps building up and you yet another day will pass before you’ll have the Energy to deal with it. In fact, with the little energy you have, you’ve managed to see your family doctor only to find out NOTHING was wrong. WHAT!? You leave feeling frustrated because again you’ve heard your lab results are Normal, yet you know in your heart and gut – “things are not normal”.

When you get home, you emotionally meltdown wishing for a solution and for someone that would be willing to help identify WHAT exactly is taking place to leave you feeling tired. You notice the guilt and shame is not just present at home, it’s now started to trickle into recognizing your lack of productivity, focus, and concentration at work not to mention you’re extremely irritable with your family and your body aches everywhere.

You feel overwhelmed because you’re not finding lasting solutions and start blaming it on your age, menopause and increased stress in your life with challenges at work and home.

It’s not your age. You’ve been let down by our current medical system.

At some point, we all wished we had energy from our 20’s! Right?

It doesn't have to be the case that we have to feel tired with age or change in hormones.

You’re not alone.

The OLD way of improving energy, DOES NOT work for everyone.

Based on the research I’ve conducted, NO ONE is proposing a truly comprehensive approach.

What is a comprehensive approach? This means doing a thorough investigation of possible

reasons for you feeling tired. We need to understand origin of your illness and symptoms.

When it comes to feeling tired – there are a multitude of reasons and factors!

Some of the more common issues include: underlying infections, heavy metal toxicity,

chemical toxins, mold, mitochondrial dysfunction, or hormone imbalance to name a few.

The fact that you found this program means that you’re ready to take action to live a vibrant life.

It also shows that you’re committed to your health and finding a lasting solution.

You already have what it takes! You’re here!

What if you could have a happy, vibrant body with tools and solutions that you’ll feel confident about to implement yourself?

What if you always knew how to identify what was out of balance and had tools to identify what was causing you to feel tired, so you never had to feel like your health was being ignored nor feeling dismissed?

What if your friends and family started to notice how radiant you looked rather than constantly pointing out how tired you’re looking or causing you to feel guilty for cancelling or needing to stay home to rest?

I was there once. I felt physically weak, confused, and hopeless. I honestly thought getting more sleep would help but it didn't because a lack of sleep was not the issue.

After becoming a naturopathic doctor, I discovered the C.L.E.A.R Method and developed the Program: Energized You.

When I applied this 6-step process, I went from feeling utterly exhausted and napping 2 hours after getting up to being able to participate regularly in high intensity aerobics classes, improved concentration and more energy. People started to comment on how I looked and felt.

And so I’m here to share with you that not only having a Vibrant Body is possible, I have done all the work and laid out a step-by-step method to show you how to do it, to support your success.

This is not just any program for fatigue. This program is based upon years of experience and research; it’s the most comprehensive program on the market. It’s a proven system, with my guidance and coaching with in-person group calls

helping you every step of the way.

Special Beta Pricing $597 Regular $1497

What most programs miss is:

• The origin of the problem; fatigue is complicated. That’s why this is the most comprehensive and simple program on the market.

• Many provide solutions for one issue, but what happens if that’s not your issue? For example, mitochondria OR chemicals, heavy metals, and mold.

• Other programs miss auto-immune reactions or underlying infections. These wreak havoc on the body and mind.

Based on research and experience, people have many factors that can create imbalance in the body leading to feeling tired and to only address one issue is haphazard and careless.

The approach uses the C.L.E.A.R. Method. This proven methodology was created to clear (AKA detoxify) the body while simultaneously rebuild with proper nutrition and supplementation. Additionally, we’ll look at habits that can improve your overall wellbeing. Remember, getting more sleep is likely not the answer; however, improving your quality of sleep may help the overall transformation.

As part of the program, we will personally work with you to identify the origin of why you’re feeling tired while simultaneously giving you tools and natural solutions to create lasting results. This program removes that guesswork and need to search Dr. Google. You’re free from thinking it’s all in your head.

Imagine…. Feeling vibrant and full of energy like when you were in your 20’s.

Getting older no longer means feeling tired as we have several Biohacks to get your vitality back.

Imagine … never feeling frustrated and confused about why the appropriate blood testing is not being performed and you’re being left empty-handed.

Imagine… never feeling hopeless again about having to live with feeling tired the rest of your life because now you’ve found a program where you’ll discover causes and solutions.

Imagine… never feeling saddened and disappointed for missing family activities because of your illness.

One very important factor to remember about fatigue is that if didn’t happen overnight so it’s not going to get better overnight. However, in just 6 weeks you begin feeling better and you’ll feel empowered with your new tools and systems. You’ll also experience increased self-awareness and know when it’s time to course correct to avoid feeling this tired ever again.

The benefits you’ll experience include:

Ladies, there are natural, effective, tested, comprehensive solutions for you!

• Being in tune with your body to know when adjustments are needed

• Gaining access to a library of tools that can be used to create lasting vitality and energy

• Feeling empowered to make informed choices about your body, AND never being told again “it’s all in your head and nothing is wrong”

• Having direct access and being supported by an expert on this topic and who will validates your concerns and experiences

It’s time to STOP doubting yourself!

I guarantee YOU are the only expert of your body. Meaning, you know when you’re in balance and when you’re not. It’s my job as a practitioner to help guide and coach you based upon my training and experience.

Stop feeling like it’s all in your head! Wouldn’t you agree that most people, especially women, are in tune with their body to know when something is off? That’s been my experience after working with hundreds of women.

Imagine when you’re no longer tired, or feeling guilty because you can’t spend time with your family.

Imagine when you’re no longer you’re feeling scatter brained and can’t concentrate.

Imagine when your health and wellness are no longer an after thought because everything else seems more important.

Imagine You are confidently taking care of yourself GUILT FREE.

Imagine a doctor truly listening to you're HER-story (history), understanding the related factors and collaboratively working with you to create an individualized program where you’ll succeed. Nothing is left out.

Imagine, you’re attending events without wishing you could have a nap or looking for your next cup of coffee to get you through the day.

The C.L.E.A.R Method works because it is simple to follow and you have expert support along the way.

This approach is unique because it’s comprehensive. Individuals are screened during the interview process to ensure they are good candidates for the program.

Hundreds of women just like you have come through my door saying exactly what you’re thinking. “Why don’t other doctors talk about this?” My heart goes out to all of you. I’m sorry the traditional healthcare system tries to pigeonhole people and for all those that don’t fit in the hole there’s no solution.

How do I know it works?

I’m a skeptic of my own medicine. What this means is that I don't always ‘buy into’ the solution until I’ve tried it myself.

Over the years of developing this program, I have identified solutions that work.

You’re worried you won’t be able to commit due to energy requirements or time commitments.

You can do this program at your own pace. There are 6 modules but you have 8 weeks to complete the program. During this time, you can attend weekly online meetings to get your questions answered where I’ll offer guidance, support, and lifestyle changes. In addition, you’ll gain knowledge and insights through the experience of others.

You're not alone: We also know, people are 66% more likely to succeed when they have a coach.

This program is NOT for you, if you’re attached to remaining unwell or remaining tired.

This program is NOT for you, if you want to self diagnose.

• According to a medical website called WebMD, fatigue/tiredness ranks as one of fifteen most difficult conditions for doctors to diagnose and treat. I went to school for over 8 years to become a doctor so I can help people like you.

This program is NOT for you if you question why you should pay for medical services.

The bottom line is our healthcare system is broken. Doctors are short on time and patients don't feel like they are being taken seriously. If you want a different, unique, proactive, effective and comprehensive program, join me.

How do I know if this program is the right fit for me?

If it feels like I’m in your head, you’re in the right place.

If you’re still uncertain, then I invite you to have a Empowerment Call with me to evaluate if this is good fit. I have an interview process I take people through to help me know if you’ll be a successful candidate. One of my qualities is that I’m upfront and honest. If it’s not a good fit and I don't think I can help you, then I’ll tell you.

If you’re seeking different results than you’ve experienced in the past. You’ll be amazed at how making simple lifestyle changes and TRULY identifying the underlying issue can help you see improvements right away.

It’s not your fault! Treating fatigue is difficult even for doctors.

That’s why I’ve created the “Energized You” Program to be comprehensive.

What is it costing you to remain where you’re at with your health?

We know health (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is at the centre of your wellness and affects every area of your life.

Why wait any longer? You deserve to feel better.

Special Beta Pricing $597 Regular $1497

Energized You Program Content

Module 0 (Pre-work): Success Starts Here

  • The secret to creating lasting change with your health
  • The daily disciplines that will change you inner and outer world
  • Annihilate self–doubt through increased positivity

Module 1: Live the Rainbow Foodology

  • Here's some Discover the how to incorporate the Rainbow Foodology so that you maintain DNA integrity
  • Learn the secret to feeling empowered about your eating habits so that they never control you again – You become the One in-charge, not your cravings
  • The quickest way to increase your energy with simple food strategies and minimal time

Module 2: Bounce out of Bed

  • Learn the top 3 secrets to a better sleep
  • Discover how to optimize your sleep so that you never have to debate your sleep patterns again
  • Uncover daily habits that will help you feel in control of your sleep and give you peace of mind

Module 3: Energy Maximizer Method (Mitochondria)

  • Learn how to maximize your internal fuel cells so they are working for you, not against you
  • Never let your family or co-workers down again because you’re feeling TOO tired
  • When you feel great you make better decisions, you’re more productive and have greater focus for your work

Module 4: Environmental Toxin Elevator

  • Learn how chemicals in your environment destroy you health
  • Learn some simple techniques you can implement to help eliminate waste from the body
  • Learn how making simple purchasing decisions for drastically improve your health

Module 5: Bright, Beautiful Biohacking without Coffee

  • Discover how to increase your energy without coffee
  • Uncover the myths about “NORMAL” blood values
  • Learn how to select YOUR unique supplement program to support your energy

Module 6: Align now - The Key to Freedom

  • Discover how lacking purpose creates fatigue
  • De-clutter your life: less drama, more joy
  • How to utilize vibrational medicine without years of therapy

Special Beta Pricing $597 Regular $1497

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