Women 35 and Over!

Finally, here is a holistic, comprehensive approach to feeling VIBRANT both inside and out.


Are you tired of feeling SO tired?

Feeling drab, dull, and droopy?

And don’t know why it's showing up on your waist

that seems to be growing over the last 2 years?

Yet, you see other women over 40 bouncing around at the gym looking vibrant and energetic as you walk past them. They seem to have more than you (on the inside) as they have energy to do things with their family and children. You find yourself looking down at your body feeling frustrated and

wanting something different.

You're frustrated about not having the energy you used to

Exercise and eating clean are not working

You're frustrated that no one seems to be listening to your health concerns

You keep hearing your blood work is NORMAL, yet you don't feel normal 

Here's what you might have tried before!

Keto, paleo, weight watchers, intermittent fasting, calorie reduction, beach body and experimented with using website suggestions from Dr. Axe, Dr. Gundry, or the Medical Medium.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

Every day in my office is filled with patients sharing their stories, their opinions and their needs.

They are constantly wondering about their health and how they can FEEL Better or simply asking for the secrets to health.

I have countless stories of women and patients just like you in my office all seeking to

Feel Better. I get asked lots of questions about Energy, Weight, and hormones. Women secretly ask about anxiety and depression.


So that's why I've spent the past 20 years experimenting on myself and understanding how to get from feeling DRAB (anxiety, anger, exhausted) to VIBRANT (desire for life, fit, and radiant).

So who's the Villan Here?

In short, it's all the external things around you which created confusion

and self-doubt about what's working and not working

Confusion creates indecision

Feeling unheard creates frustration and doubt

Delayed wait times creates despair

Normal blood work MUST mean everything is okay

This happened to your Mom, so it's your destiny too

Fear of change leads to stuckness

All of these things drain your energy and prevent your from achieving the wellness your desire

What if told you that your family lineage (epigentics), your time in the womb, birth,

and the first 9 months after makes up 75% of what you deal with the rest of your life?

We all have programs! The SECRET is to discover the keys at each layer!

My Solution!

Revitalize You!  

Shed the mystery inches that appeared on your body with simple, easy to follow steps and guides. This is a holistic approach.

“Are you allowing your AGE to age you?”

Do you believe what they say about being over the hill, middle aged and senior?   What if this could be the prime of your life?  

Far too often, we think that things DRY up as we get older. Not to mention, there is this misnomer about gaining weight and all the saying such as over the hill, past the prime, etc.   No matter if we say it or not, people pick up on how we feel by the way to walk, dress and show up in your live.

Are you showing up feeling Radiant?

Or Are you showing up feeling shameful, maybe even embarrassed and trying to Cover Up through the choice of clothes. (Hiding from life, settling for less, settling for average, not living life on your own terms, not living life for you, not setting your GPS to radiant.)  

One of the most common topics I hear from women over 35 relates to their hormones and weight. It’s more difficult to lose weight. Feeling more irritable. More tired with themselves and everyone around them. Some women are seeking more self-care and saying, It’s time for ME.  

What if you knew the Secret to your Health?

What if you knew how to reverse the damage you’ve done unknowingly to your body?

What if you were the Boss of your Health / Your Life?  

What Choices would you make differently if you Knew?  

I have created a program called RevitalizeHER:

The Journey to a Balanced and Radiant You.

I’ve looked at several programs and tested others. Many solely talk about weight loss as a physical issue. Yes, of course some address hormones. However, I have not seen a single program that combines patients physical and mental health. What I can tell you, is that when people look at a problem with one angle or one lens, something always gets missed.  

What if how we feel about ourselves is not just about our physical body, how we feel about ourselves also relates to decisions we made or didn’t make throughout our lives. Sometimes, the weight is not just physical.

I address this wholistically with my patients.   One thing I know about me is I am always asking WHY, which results in a deep process that goes to the core of my patient’s biggest hopes and dreams for themselves. I would not settle for anything less than that, my own personal integrity would not stand for it.

When it comes to Wellness, I stand for:

1) Customized Care (what works for you)

2) The VIS (veece) - Your body can heal when given the right tools

3) Teaching patients to learn internal cues of guidance

Special Pricing $999

Regular $2999

Here's a little story...

Years ago, I found myself sleeping at my desk at work, again. I was in my 20’s. Some how I knew going to a medical doctor wasn’t going to help me. I found myself at a naturopathic doctor’s office. We found out very quickly that I needed to stop eating wheat. Hmmm…. Was this hoaky? Well at least it was worth a try. At first, it seemed great! I was staying awake at work, I had more energy and could think more clearly and be more effective.

However, when I needed to tell my family, I was shamed and left out. I watched my family enjoying cake, cookies, bread, pizza, all the comfort food was not for me. You might think, well that’s not so bad. However, at that time, wheat free eating was not a thing. The disappointed look on my Mom’s face and the sharp tone in her voice stabbed me in the gut. She was mad at me for something I had no control over. What she didn’t understand is that it’s genetic. I was faced with these brutal choices: 1) honour my health requirements or 2) distress my mom. I choose number 1. It was simple, I followed my intuition and the evidence. I didn’t want to die like my grandparents did, young, overweight, and angry.  

Did I cheat on food over the years? Yes, however, I soon realized it wasn't’ worth the expense. When I cheated it meant gaining weight, which stayed on my body for at least 6 month. That means 6 months of inflammation.  

Regardless if it’s food that you're working on or Life change, I get you!

I’ve had to let go of and give up many things over the years and I can help you do the same if you’re willing to sit with and join me on this journey.

The RevitalizeHER program is Simple. (Experience)

There are 3 phases. Connect with your Sisterhood and myself in a group experience where we will answer those painful problems as you move through the transformation step by step. You'll receive guidance and insights through the work we'll do together.

Imagine showing up to a family event or with friends and everyone is asking, "What Changed?" You hear whispers about how beautiful and radiant you look. Even better imagine knowing without a doubt, YOU are the CEO of your health and your life. You feel radiant and thing have returned to balance, kind of like a Reset.  

Many of you know this, but I’ve been in health for the past 15+ years and studying mindfulness for the same amount of time. I’ve completed a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Life Coaching through MindValley, and Positive Intelligence Coach not to mention use of herbal medicine, nutrition and homeopathy and Sound Therapy to balance the brain.

You’re here!

The Mind & Body Benefits include:


·      Less mind chatter: termination of Negative Nelly, the Inner Critic or the Self Judge

·      More control over the food choices you make

·      Empowered action with your health

·      Increased sense of Inner balance

·      Increased sense of peace

·      Improved well-being

·      Better relationship with food and healthy choice


·      Improved sleep

·      Wake feeling refreshed

·      Glowing skin

·      Radiant smile

·      Feeling amazing and sexy when you look in the mirror

·      Increased self-confidence and self-esteem  

Special Pricing $999

Regular $2999


Emotional well-being is crucial for overall health

The American Psychological Association (APA) found that stress levels have been on the rise, with 44% of Americans reporting increased stress levels over the past five years.

Life Coaching

A study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology found that life coaching significantly increased goal attainment, well-being, and resilience, compared to individuals who did not receive coaching.

Naturopathic Medicine

A study published in the Canadian Journal of Naturopathic Medicine found that patients who received naturopathic care reported significant improvements in quality of life, reduced symptoms, and increased satisfaction compared to those who did not receive naturopathic care.

Here's your Journey

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards balanced living, nourishing your body from within, and cultivating inner harmony? Join us for the immersive RevitalizeHER program, where we combine the power of mindful eating, taming the mind chatter, and the expertise of naturopathic medicine to help you unlock your full potential and revitalize your life.  

Mindful Momentum:

Cultivating Awareness and Balanced Living Experience the profound impact of mindful eating as we guide you on a journey of reconnecting with your body's signals, developing a nourishing relationship with food, and savoring every bite. Discover the joy of conscious choices, vibrant flavors, and mindful nourishment that fuels your body and supports optimal well-being. We’ll also be addressing underlying gut infections. After all, everything starts in the gut.  

Embrace and Empower:

Nurturing your emotional Well-being Unleash the power of your mind as we delve into techniques to quiet the mind chatter, release self-sabotaging thoughts and judgment, and cultivate a positive and compassionate mindset. Through mindfulness practices, and transformative exercises, you'll learn to harness your thoughts, reduce stress, and create inner harmony that radiates in every aspect of your life.  

Unveil Your Brilliance:

Embracing Self-Love on Your Transformational Path Find your equilibrium as we guide you through practices and daily habit forming rituals that promote balance in all areas of your life. From stress management techniques to self-care rituals, gut optimization, you'll discover the power of creating harmony between mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to thrive and experience true vitality.  

Harnessing Naturopathic Medicine for Holistic Wellness:

Journey alongside our expert naturopathic doctor who will provide personalized guidance. Experience the transformative potential of naturopathic medicine, including natural remedies, lifestyle modifications, and tailored treatment plans that address your unique needs, fostering vibrant health from the inside out.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to revitalize your life and discover the transformative potential within you. Enroll in the RevitalizeHER program now and embark on a journey towards mindful eating, taming mind chatter, and embracing naturopathic medicine, all while creating balance and inner harmony.

This program is NOT for you:

• You want to self diagnose

• You question why you should pay for medical services and laser focussed guidance

• You're not willing to do the work

The bottom line is our healthcare system is broken. Doctors are short on time and patients don't feel like they are being taken seriously. If you want a different, unique, proactive, effective and comprehensive program, join us.

How do I know if this program is the right fit for me?

If it feels like I’m in your head, you’re in the right place.

You feel like you're not getting anywhere with your health.

You feel like you're guessing which supplements to take.

You find you're always in your health, creating stress.

If you’re still uncertain, then I invite you to text Dr. Candice at 403-588-3544 for a call to see if this is a good fit. I have an interview process I take people through to if it's a good fit. One of my qualities is that I’m upfront and honest. If it’s not a good fit and I don't think I can help you, then I’ll tell you.

If you’re seeking different results than you’ve experienced in the past. You’ll be amazed at how making simple lifestyle changes and TRULY identifying the underlying issue can help you see improvements right away.

I have one question to ask you... What is it costing you to remain where you’re at with your health?

Why wait any longer? You deserve to feel better.

Special Pricing $999

Regular $2999

RevitalizeHER Program (Sneak Peak)

Mindful Momentum

  • Reconnect with your body's signals

  • Practice mindful eating

  • Using Positive Intelligence methodolody to creat positive relationship with self and foods

  • Making healthy choices for improved gut health

  • Brain rebalancing

Embrace and Empower

  • Take control of the mind-chatter once and for all

  • Gain peace of mind

  • Learn to live in the present moment

  • Increase focus, concentration and decision making

  • Improve relationships

Unveil Your Brilliance

  • Discover tools of self-love that allow your to radiate your light

  • Release your past trauma and burdens that are weighing you down

  • Create healthy boundaries, allowing you to have a life of harmony and joy

Harnessing Naturopathic Medicine

  • Individual assessment

  • Customized recommendations to begin your journey

  • When you feel great you make better decisions, you’re more productive and have greater focus for your work


  • Initial assessment with customized recommendations

  • Community of like-minded people

  • 9 Zoom calls (online)

  • On-line training modules to go at your own pace

  • Text support to keep you inspired, motivated, and encouraged


  • Wrap-up Celebration with photos

  • Flare Fighter: Your Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Guide to Rejuvenate your body

  • Radiant Energy: Ignite Your Inner Spark and Embrace Vibrant Living

  • State of the Art sound healing

  • Hypnotherapy to help you over come obstacles and focus on your goals

Special Pricing $999

Regular $2999

Yes! I'm ready!I want to feel Vibrant!
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